on the border of Livingston and Short Hills, NJ, The Training Hub is a luxury fitness facility offering state-of-the-art studio rentals for self-employed personal trainers. With social distancing measures in place for the foreseeable future and consumer uneasiness around returning to big box gyms, our private training studios provide a sanctuary for independent personal trainers and their clients to pursue their health and wellness goals. In order to promote safety and maximize the training experience for clients of the trainers who rent studio space, the trainers must register and certify that they are qualified to conduct professional, personal training.

Each studio is thoughtfully designed to maximize programming options, cleanliness, and exclusivity so that each training session can be enjoyed in an uninterrupted quest for fitness and well-being.

The Training Hub prides itself on being different and distinct from a fitness club or big box gym. It is a fully-equipped studio space for trainers to design and conduct personal training experience without crowds, allows trainers to conduct their own business, and it is available on an as-needed basis. For those with busy schedules who want to work with their personal trainer in their own environment, The Training Hub provides professionals and clients a place to conduct their personal, high quality and professional training routine.

The Training Hub building